Real Time Streaming Financial Futures

Real-time Streaming Financial Futures are futures contracts that are traded with in-depth market data, a higher level of detail and transparency, precision, a wealth of information and quick decision-making ability. This is termed a "contract" concerning the price of a financial instrument or an index based on the exchange rate at a specific future date.

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What is real-time market data?

Real-time market data is information about the latest price and other trade information for a security or derivative, including the latest best bid/ask and last traded price. It arrives directly from the exchange where the security trades, as opposed to delayed or historical data, which may have a lag time before reaching the end user.


When can you trade futures?

Futures can be traded virtually 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. There are limited exceptions, but you can trade most futures whenever the markets are open. Of course, it’s a bit more complex than that. Due to the fact that we trade on many different futures exchanges, each market has its own trading hours. Our server times correspond to the open and close schedules of the major futures exchanges. Unfortunately, some markets do not have specified trading times and are available at all hours while they are open. Those markets may change with little or no notice to conform to global trading times and habits.


Do futures affect stock prices?

The immediate price change as a result of the futures trading is uncertain. It depends on the direction of the futures contract and the magnitude of the changes in futures prices. Also, there is no way to predict whether prices will increase or decrease after a particular contract expires.
For some assets, the response comes from other traders who act before the expiration of contracts. For example, if a certain chain store is predicted to have good sales based on an economic indicator that comes out before the quarterly earnings of a company are released, traders will rapidly buy stock in this company and drive up its stock price.
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  • Can you trade stocks in real time?

    Real-time data is a subscription service that provides real-time data for all stocks and exchanges, including NASDAQ, NYSE, and the OTCBB. Now you can trade stocks in real-time: Your orders are sent directly to the market, so your trades happen faster with less chance of slippage.