Real Time Futures

Real Time Futures provides users with a comprehensive futures overview of the markets that are most important to them, all delivered in a fast, efficient manner. Get an unbiased, real-time snapshot of the markets using interactive graphs and tables.

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Buy futures today and sell them tomorrow
Sell futures before expiry
Trade futures at any time
PDT rule for futures
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Buy futures today and sell them tomorrow

Real Time Future are futures that you can buy and sell today. Each morning, the price of every future contract is calculated based on the previous day's prices, giving you a real time view of how each is priced. And because your trades are executed in real time, you can be sure that there won't be mistakes or misunderstandings. It's real time trading, brought to the future.


Sell futures before expiry

Real Time Futures (RTF) is a new way of trading futures contracts. It's not about predicting whether the market will be up or down by the time you want to exit your position, or even at all. It just allows you to sell futures before expiry and automatically rolls your contracts into the next contract month at prevailing price.


Trade futures at any time

• The risk of futures trading can be intimidating, and there is a steep learning curve to getting started. Now, Real-Time Futures (RTF) allows you to trade futures at any time of the day — even when the markets are closed — with no minimum deposit required. Knowing when to trade and which products to trade can make the difference between a successful trader, and giving it all back on an unnecessary risk. Having access to RTF is like having a trading coach in your pocket.
• Anyone can trade futures with confidence from the comfort of their own home. With features like 24/7 order entry, live futures charts, and an active community of traders, there are no limits on what you can achieve as a futures trader.
  • PDT rule for futures

    The Postponed Deemarking Time (PDT) rule for futures contracts has been in force since then. The PDT rule allows a futures holder of some long futures to postpone (or "deem") the marking-to-market and settlement of those long futures contracts until a later time, if those longer-dated contracts are due or have settled during what are normal business hours for the contract market, and the longer-dated futures are carried on margin with another registered futures commission merchant.
  • Other Real Time Futures Facts

    Real Time Futures is a valuable guide for anyone interested in being a trader in the futures or options markets. Real Time Futures helps traders understand various tactics of the futures and options markets, as well as learn how to take advantage of these powerful investment vehicles. Tips are provided on timing the market, setting up a system, and designing models that help determine when and how to buy and sell.