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Cryptocurrency Pairs is a social networking, mining and trading platform for cryptocurrencies. The Cryptocurrency Pairs platform combines cryptocoins services, news, recommendations and mining capabilities into one product.

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How do crypto pairings work?
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How do crypto pairings work?

Cryptocurrencies can be confusing at first, but once you understand how pairing works, it becomes much easier to understand. You need two cryptocurrencies to create a pair. For example, if you pair Ethereum with another crypto, the price chart will show how the price of Ethereum has changed over time. In this way, it is clear to see at a glance which digital coins are outperforming others.


Different types of cryptocurrency





•Bitcoin Cash




How do trade pairs work?

A trade pair is a combination of two cryptocurrencies that are available to trade. For example, ETH/BTC. These pairs enable traders how to make a profit by anticipating whether a cryptocurrency will appreciate or depreciate in relation to the other in the pair.
The rise in cryptocurrency, combined with the potential gains to be made on crypto pairing value, has led many people to begin trading in crypto pairs. It is important to remember that cryptocurrency trades should always be conducted as part of a diversified portfolio because it remains a volatile option. However, if you decide that crypto pairing is right for you, then you should follow these tips to become a successful crypto trader.
  • Trade with BTC or USD pairs

    A trade pair is a pair of cryptocurrencies, e.g ETH and BTC, that are traded against each other in an exchange. The first cryptocurrency in the pair (ETH in the ETH/BTC pair) is called the base currency and the second (BTC) is called the quote currency. Thus, a trade pair represents how much of the quote you get when you sell one unit of the base. For example, if ETH/BTC is 0.0345, you can sell one ETH for 0.0345 BTC.
  • What are the trading pairs in cryptocurrency?

    A trading pair is a term used in the cryptocurrency world that refers to two cryptocurrencies that can be traded against each other on an exchange. For example, if a trader wishes to trade Bitcoin for Ethereum, then he or she might refer to this type of transaction as a BTC/ETH pair. In other words, one cryptocurrency is traded against another. Trading pairs tend to become more complicated when you enter into the realm of Ethereum and blockchain-based tokens.