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Looking for a better way to search the stocks you are interested in? Stock Screener is an application that lets you easily search for stocks based on nearly 30 different criteria such as revenue, minimum price, or dividend yield.

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So what do we do to find a good stock at a great price?

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Stock screeners are free and can be used to invest in the stock market. They are built for investors who already have their strategy for the stock market and do not need other tools to create it. Rather, they want software packages that will save time and free them from having to tabulate results of stock screening.


So what do we do to find a good stock at a great price?

We can use our tools to find that stock. There are many different ways to invest in stocks. One could invest in the stock market with a professional broker or invest in the stock market with mutual funds of stocks.

However, there is another way for investors to invest in stocks at a cheaper price and with no fees, which is investing in individual stocks straight from their phone.

This gives people the ultimate flexibility, freedom, control and victory in the stock market by letting them trade any time during the day whenever they have time on their hands without having to drive to some broker's office to buy or sell stocks or mutual funds.

  • How do I set up a stock screener?

    Setting up a stock screener enables you to track your favorite stocks and follow them over time. In the Stock Screener, stocks are listed along the left side in alphabetical order. The first column is the company symbol; the second column displays the stock's current price, change as % from yesterday, high price for day, low price for day, percent change from previous session and cash/volume; and the right column contains the columns set by you.
  • Other Facts About Stock Screeners

    It is an app that will save you time and money when picking stocks. When you buy a stock, you want that stock to go up. You want to enjoy the fruits of your labor and make money every day.