Top Stock Gainers

Every trading day a list of top gainers is published on Wall Street Journal. After the market closes, stocks that have increased in price the most are given a 'most active' designation and published in the paper for all to see.

This can be very useful for investors who need to know which company's stocks are on the rise.

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Certain stocks' top gainers
How to identify a high-earning
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Certain stocks' top gainers

A top gainer is a share that has gained the most since its initial public offering (IPO). These shares have typically been companies that sold for a low price during their IPO to increase investor interest. Typically, once the company goes public, its founders and major early investors sell some of their stock. What these investors do with the money they make from the IPO is up to them. If they decide to buy more stock in their own company, it can boost that company's stock price.


How to identify a high-earning

In order to answer the question, we consider three parameters: price, volume and net change. We implement this idea through a simple machine learning system that predicts tomorrow's top performing stock in terms of the net change. We use historical order books data to learn the importance of those three factors and our learning system will pick up stocks with similar characteristics. Future performance is past performance.


Make utilization of the highest gainers

•Stock gainers are used to monitor the stocks that have increased significantly in price.

•It is an investor-focused stock screener. We've worked hard to give you a broad and complete list of top gainers that includes top gainers, insta-winners, big movers, best stocks to buy for long term investment, stocks making significant gains and top gainers in your portfolio.

•Top gainers are the stocks that are making big gains in comparison to yesterday's close.

•Top Gainers are stocks/companies that have risen more than 100% in value in the last 50 days. These stocks have a higher price to earnings ratio and have been on the rise. The list is updated every second by using a complex formula that gives you the top stocks based on many factors.

  • What does it mean to be a "top gainer" in the world of marketing?

    A gainer is a stock which makes a significant gains in price, i.e., a positive price movement. In other words, the gainers are the stocks which have substantially moved up or in other terms, the stocks which have gained considerably. The technical definition of gainer is based on percentage increase from the current close to previous close which is called as change from previous day's closing value (the absolute percentage points change). So to get the price of 'gainer' we need to apply some formula.
  • Other information about top stock gainers

    Top stock gainers allows you to explore & monitor the top stocks that have gained the highest percentage of price over a period of time. You can see their performance in terms of increase, decline or stability in their current market worth. This feature provides interactive charts, tables and short description to easily understand.