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Top Stock Losers brings you information and insights into stock valuation, including the 50 stocks whose value has decreased most over the last six months. To put it in simple terms, Top Stock Losers identifies stocks that are "in the red."

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How do you handle stock losses?
Why some stocks declining in value?
When should you cut your losses on a stock?
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How do you handle stock losses?

Everyone goes through stock losses. Whether it is a business or personal investment, you have to deal with the fact that at times stocks that you have invested your money in will go below the price you bought them. You can try to resist selling this stock because of your loss and instead wait till you hit a breaking point or follow a stock loss strategy to recover from these losses. Top Stock Losers is all about showing the market the best ways to handle the worst. With an expert staff of market movers, and a wealth of knowledge that has been honed through years of experience trading in the markets, Top Stock Losers provides a unique insight into how you can survive as an investor as well as how to gain from crises.


Why some stocks declining in value?

Well, some are due to external factors such as increased competition, or cuts in revenue. Other stocks were purchased at a high price, and now the value is being adjusted.


When should you cut your losses on a stock?

Knowing which stocks to cut your losses on will help keep you from panicking and selling a stock at a loss.

The stock market can be a roller coaster of emotions. One day your stocks are up, the next they're down. If you have a loss, you want to know when it's time to sell.

Three questions will help you determine if it is time to pull the plug on your position.

•Do you have a stock that has been a total drag?

•Have you received analysis after analysis saying it is time to get out?

•Is your stock down 50% or more?

Top Stock Losers looks at the stocks that have been hemorrhaging money and gives you the tools to determine if this will be their bottom.

  • Tips on choosing stocks

    If you're looking for stocks that might be about to go down in value, don't bother searching for the latest earnings reports or earning figures. Instead, look at a company's share price history - if it's been going up steadily, chances are it will soon plummet back down towards the ground again.
  • Top Stock Losers: Other facts

    Top Stock Losers, in stock market trading, is the name given to a portfolio of stocks that have lost the highest percentage of their initial purchase price and are issued by companies that are losing market share.