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Trending Equities is the number one provider of actionable news and information on the stocks that you need to keep an eye on. Investing into the stock market has been made simple with this application, giving you access to all of the most recent news in the stock market. Whether it's Apple, Microsoft, Facebook or Google, Trending Equities has details on news surrounding these stocks and much more being updated 24 hours a day.

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What are some good questions to ask about stocks?
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What does it mean when a stock is trending?
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What are some good questions to ask about stocks?

Financial analysts ask plenty of questions, but we've boiled down the most important ones to six key questions.What do individual investors, who drive the market's movement on a day-to-day basis, really want to know about their investments? What are the questions prodding them to invest more, or pull out and take their money elsewhere? Perhaps more important, what kind of returns might they realize along the way? By tracking these key financial questions, investors will be able to determine where opportunities may lie in the stock market.


What does it mean when a stock is trending?

A stock is trending if it's trading in a specific direction. When that happens, we change the technical trend from UP to DOWN and from DOWN to UP. Trends tend to last until they don't. The terminology gets confusing because sometimes it means a stock is convex or concave. For example, if the price is rising, that's called a UPtrend and if the price is falling, that's called a DOWNtrend.

Knowing if a stock is trending is perhaps one of the most important technical analysis skills to have. Trending stocks will reward investors with consistent returns and provide steady income. More importantly, trending stocks that are undervalued and ignored by Wall Street can be a low risk entry point for investors looking for high potential reward.
A stock is trending when the stock price has a sustained and consistent rise over a period of time. This means that the price of the stock is increasing daily or weekly. The market will assign a trend to the stock as traders are buying every time it goes up, and selling every time it goes down. Why is this important? If you know that a stock is trending, then you are more informed about the value of the company's stocks.
  • How do I find trending stocks early?

    Our patented technology helps you find trending stocks early and it is available on our website. There, we will show you examples of stocks that make for top trending stocks. Each month we evaluate 100s of possible trends to find the most promising ones based on our data-driven process.
  • Other information about trending stocks

    An essential tool for investors to find trending stocks early. It has 6 market segments to cover every kind of traders and investing styles. Equities should be neither too big nor too small, neither too blue-chip nor too pink-sheet. A typical investor's portfolio can be composed of a group of equities that are different from each other with regard to industry segment, rating, capitalization, industries and country risk. This is to protect investors from being badly surprised if the stock price suddenly plunges after purchase. What is more important, however, is assessing the trending stocks. The purpose of this ""Trending Equities"" function is to prevent the user from indiscriminate investment in equities which are of rather short-term nature including those whose trend has almost been exhausted or those which are good at manipulating public opinion but not supported by actual business. By taking advantage of the power of the AI technology, we have designed a module that analyzes 100 factors and 150 elements daily on the basis of 10 years' historical data to provide reliable evaluation on traded stocks. Its accuracy rate can go as high as 90%.