Excel AND Function

Using the Excel AND Function


The AND function is one of Excel's logical functions. It is used to determine if all of the conditions provided to the function are true. If all of the argument are true, the function returns TRUE. If one or more of the arguments if false, the function returns FALSE. The AND function is very powerful when used with other logical functions such as IF and OR. Using AND with other functions allows you to test a variety of conditions.


=AND (logical1, [logical2], ...)

Syntax Breakdown

The logical1 argument is required in the AND function. This is a condition that you would like to test and that will result in a TRUE or FALSE answer. The input can also be an array that contains logical values.

logical2, ... The logical2 and additional logic functions are optional. Similar to logical1, they must return either a TRUE or FALSE value. You can enter up to 255 conditions.

Usage Notes

AND Errors
If no logical values are passed to the AND function, then the #VALUE! error will be returned.


Ignored Values
If the AND function receives text values or input from blank cells as an argument they will be ignored.

AND With Text
While we may think of AND being used only with numerical values, it also works with text.

AND With Text

AND With Other Logical Functions
We've mentioned that AND is very powerful when used with other logical functions. Below are just a few examples of how AND can be used in conjunction with other functions to test conditions. Here we use AND as the logical test for the IF function to determine which scores are passing and which are failing.

Advanced AND Function Usage