Excel AREAS Function

Using the Excel AREAS Function


The Excel AREAS function is used to return the number of areas in a reference. An area is defined as a single cell or a range of contiguous cells.


=AREAS (reference)

Syntax Breakdown

Required. A cell or group of cells. Reference can refer to multiple areas. To specify more than one reference as a single argument, include extra sets of parentheses or else Excel will interpret the comma as a field separator.

Usage Notes

AREAS can be used to return the number of areas in a single cell or range of contiguous cells. The function can include more than one reference; however, you must wrap enclose separate multiple references in parentheses and separate them with a comma.

AREAS Errors
If you enter multiple areas, but forget to add the extra set of parentheses the function will return an error. Failure to separate the multiple areas with a comma will also return an error.

Excel AREAS Error