Excel CEILING Function

Using the Excel CEILING Function


The Excel CEILING function is used to round a given number up to a certain significance level. The significance level is user specified and can include decimal or whole numbers. CEILING is useful if, for example, you want to round all prices up to the nearest dollar. This can be accomplished by using CEILING(A1,1) where A1 is the cell containing a price. For more control over how CEILING handles negative numbers, see CEILING.MATH.


=CEILING (number, significance)

Syntax Breakdown

The number argument is required in the CEILING function. This is the value that you wish to round up.

Significance is required and is the user specified multiple that number should be rounded up to.

Usage Notes

If the CEILING function receives either argument (number or significance) as a non-numerical value, the #VALUE! error is returned.

Negative Values
Negative values can be used for either the number or significance values, or both.

When number is negative, and significance is positive, the value is rounded up and towards zero.

When number and significance are both negative, the value is rounded down and away from zero.