Excel CONCAT Function

Using the Excel CONCAT Function


The CONCAT function is one of Excel's text functions and is used to combine text from multiple ranges or strings. CONCAT doesn't provide delimiter or IgnoreEmpty arguments, but you can use the TEXTJOIN function to include delimiters and remove empty arguments.

CONCAT is new as of Excel 2016 and replaced the CONCATENATE function. However, CONCATENATE is still available for compatibility with older versions of Excel.


=CONCAT (text1, [text2], ...)

Syntax Breakdown

Required. The first text item to be joined. This argument can be a string or an array of strings.

Optional. Text2 and subsequent text arguments are optional and represent additional items to be joined. CONCAT can accept up to 253 text arguments. Values can be text strings or an array of strings.

Usage Notes

CONCAT is used to concatenate, or join, text strings. The function can accept a range of cells or individual cell references.

If the string to be returned exceeds 32,767 characters, the function returns the #VALUE! error.