Excel COUNT Function

Using the Excel COUNT Function


The Excel COUNT function will return a count of cells that contain numbers in a given range, cell reference, or constant.


=COUNT (value1, [value2], ...)

Syntax Breakdown

Required. The first cell reference, range, or value for which you want to count numbers.

Value 2 and subsequent values are optional. The function can accept up to 255 values.

Usage Notes

COUNT will count the number of numbers in a supplied value. Values can consist of cell references and ranges. The function can accept up to 255 values.

The function arguments will accept numbers, dates, and text represented as a number (for example, "8"). The function will also accept logical values and text representations of numbers that are entered directly into the list of arguments.

If a value argument is an array or cell reference, only the numbers in the array or reference will be counted. Therefore, empty cells, logical values, text, and error values in an array or cell reference will be ignored.

If you need to count logical values, text, or error values, use the COUNTA function.

Use the COUNTIF or COUNTIFS function to count only numbers that meet a specific criteria.