Excel DAYS Function

Using the Excel DAYS Function


The DAYS function in Excel will return the number of days between two dates that you provide. The output will be a number that represents the days and is calculated by taking end_date - start_date.


=DAYS (end_date, start_date)

Syntax Breakdown

A date that represents the ending date in your function.

When entering dates you can use text strings in quotation marks ("2018/8/14"), serial numbers (for example, 43326 would represent 2018/8/14), or you could enter the date as a formula =DATE(2018,8,14).

The date that will be the starting date for your function.

Error Notes

Negative Output
If Start_date is passed to the function before End_date the function will return a negative number.

Excel DAYS Negative Output Error

#VALUE! Error
If you enter the dates in string format and they cannot be converted to valid dates, you will receive the #VALUE! error.

Excel DAYS #Value! Error

#NUM! Error
If you enter the dates in numerical format and they are not within the range of valid date, you will receive the #NUM! error. Remember, Excel serial dates begin with January 1, 1900 represented as 1 and end with December 31, 9999 represented as 2,958,465.

Excel DAYS #NUM! Error