Excel DOLLARDE Function

Using the Excel DOLLARDE Function


The Excel DOLLARDE function returns a dollar price expressed as a decimal number when provided a dollar price expressed as an integer part and fraction part, such as 2.05.

The fraction portion of the value is divided by the specified integer. For example, if you would like a price to be expressed to a precision of 1/8 of a dollar, divide the fraction part by 8. Using 2.05, you would perform the following:

($2 + (2 / 8)) = $2.25.


=DOLLARDE (fractional_dollar, fraction)

Syntax Breakdown

Fractional Dollar
Required. Number expressed as an integer part and a fraction part, separated by a decimal symbol.

Required. Integer to use in the denominator of the fraction. If the value entered is not an integer it will be truncated.

If the argument is < 0, the function returns the #NUM! error. The function returns the #DIV/0! error if fraction is greater than or equal to 0 (zero) and less than 1.

Usage Notes

DOLLARDE converts values entered with a particular fractional notation into an equivalent decimal number. Use the DOLLARFR function to perform the opposite operation.

The function is useful when quoting pricing that is given in the nearest 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, such as securities prices.