Excel DOLLARFR Function

Using the Excel DOLLARFR Function


The Excel DOLLARFR function will convert decimal numbers to fractional dollar numbers.

Use the DOLLARDE function to return a dollar number expressed as a decimal.


=DOLLARFR (decimal_dollar, fraction)

Syntax Breakdown

Decimal Dollar
Required. A decimal number.

Required. Integer used in the denominator of a fraction. If a non=integer value is provided, the value will be truncated.

The function returns the #NUM! error if fraction is < 0 and the #DIV/0! error if fraction is 0.

Usage Notes

DOLLARFR converts a dollar price in a regular decimal number format to a dollar price in a particular fractional notation. This format is commonly used to quote securities prices given to the nearest 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, etc.

For example, to convert the price "5 and 1/8" to decimal notation given the nearest 1/8, enter the following:

=DOLLARFR(1.125, 8), which returns 1.10.

The first argument in the above function is a normal decimal. The second value indicates the denominator of the fractional multiple to use for the conversion, for example 8 = 1/8, 16 = 1/16, and 32 = 1/32.