Excel FIND Function

Using the Excel FIND Function


The Excel FIND function will locate a text string in a different text string, and then return the number of the starting position of the first string, from the first character, within the second. FIND may not be available in all languages. It is intended to be used with languages that use a single-byte character set (SBCS). FINDB, which performs the same function as FIND, can be used for languages with a double-byte character set (DBCS).

Languages that support DBCS include Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and Korean.


=FIND (find_text, within_text, [start_num])

Syntax Breakdown

Find Text
Required. The text to be found.

Within Text
Required. Text containing the text you want to find.

Start Num
Optional. Specifies the character where the search should start. The first character in within_text is considered the character number 1. If start_num is omitted, the default is 1.

Usage Notes

FIND is used to find the position of one text string that is contained within another. FIND is case-sensitive and doesn't allow the use of wildcard characters. If you do not want a case-sensitive function or need to use wildcards, use the SEARCH function.

The function returns the #VALUE! error if find_text is not found in within_text.

The function also returns the #VALUE! error if start_num is not greater than zero or if start_num is greater than the length of within_text.