Excel FLOOR.MATH Function

Using the Excel FLOOR.MATH Function


The Excel FLOOR.MATH function is similar to the FLOOR function in that it is used to round a given number down to the nearest integer or a user specified significance level. FLOOR.MATH defaults to a significance of 1 and rounds to the nearest integer. The significance level can include decimal or whole numbers. FLOOR.MATH is useful for users looking for increased functionality when handling negative numbers. This is accomplished via the mode argument.


=FLOOR.MATH (number, [significance], [mode])

Syntax Breakdown

The number argument is required in the FLOOR.MATH function. This is the value that you wish to round up. Numbers must be above -2.229E-308 and below 9.99E+307.

Significance is optional and is the user specified multiple that number should be rounded down to.

For positive numbers that contain decimals, significance will default to rounding down (towards zero) to the nearest integer. For example, 7.3 will round down to 7.

For negative number that contain decimals, significance will default to rounding away from zero to the nearest integer. For example, -5.2 will round to -6.

Mode is optional and is used to indicate if negative numbers should be rounded towards or away from zero. Mode has no impact on positive numbers.

When mode is set to zero or omitted the function will round negative numbers away from zero. This is the default setting. When mode is set to a non-zero number the function rounds negative numbers towards zero.

Excel FLOOR.MATH Mode Example

Usage Notes

The FLOOR.MATH function is useful when you are required to round a number down to the nearest integer. When dealing with decimals, positive numbers will round down to the nearest integer and negative numbers will also round away from zero. For example, 5.9 would round down to 5 and -5.1 would round to -6.

If the FLOOR.MATH function receives either argument (number or significance) as a non-numerical value, the #VALUE! error is returned.


Compared to FLOOR
FLOOR.MATH has a few advantages over the FLOOR function.

  • FLOOR.MATH allows the user to control the rounding for negative numbers. This functionality is not available in FLOOR.
  • The FLOOR.MATH function has a default value of 1 for significance, rounding to the nearest integer.