Excel IFNA Function

Using the Excel IFNA Function


The IFNA function will return a user specified value if a formula returns the #N/A error. If the error is not triggered then the result of the function will be returned. IFNA is a useful function when trying to identify #N/A errors so that they can be corrected, especially when using lookup functions such as VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP. Users should note that IFNA only handles the #N/A error and other errors will still display. A similar function is IFERROR, though this will catch the #N/A and other errors.


=IFNA(value, value_if_na)

Syntax Breakdown

Value is a required field and is the argument that checks for the #N/A error.

Value_if_na is also required and is the user specified value that should be returned if the formula returns the #N/A error.

Usage Notes

Blank Cells
If the input for value or value_if_na is an empty cell the function will treat this as an empty string value ("").

Array Formulas
If the value argument is an array formula the function will return an array of results for each cell in the specified range.