Excel INFO Function

Using the Excel INFO Function


The Excel INFO function returns information about the current operating environment.


=INFO (type_text)

Syntax Breakdown

Type Text
Required. Text specifying what information you are looking for. The options are as follows:

Type_text Output
"directory" Current director or folder's path
"numfile" Number of active worksheets in the open workbook
"origin" Returns the absolute cell reference of the top leftmost cell visible in the window as text prepended with "$A:". The actual value returned will depend on the reference style setting. If cell B2 is our example, the output using A1 reference style would be: "$A:$B:$2".
"osversion" Current operating version returned as text
"recalc" Returns "Automatic" or "Manual" to describe the current recalculation mode
"release" Version of Excel, returned as text
"system" Name of the operating environment. Windows is shown as "pcdos" and Macintosh is represented as "mac"

Usage Notes

The INFO function provides information about the current operating environment. Simply supply the function with the information, specified in the above table, you want returned.

INFO is considered a volatile function, meaning it will update each time the worksheet is changed.