Excel ISERR Function

Using the Excel ISERR Function


The Excel ISERR function is one of Excel's IS functions. ISERR checks for an error and returns TRUE for every error except the #N/A error. ISERR can be combined with the IF function to test for errors and then return a custom message or perform another calculation.

If you require a function that identifies all errors, including #N/A, use the ISERROR function.


=ISERR (value)

Syntax Breakdown

Required. The value to be checked for any error except the #N/A error. This argument is typically a cell address.

Usage Notes

ISERR checks to see if a cell contains an error and returns TRUE if an error that is not the #N/A error is found.

The function will catch the following errors: #VALUE!, #REF!, #DIV/0!, #NUM!, #NAME?, and #NULL!