Excel LARGE Function

Using the Excel LARGE Function


The Excel LARGE function returns the k-th largest value in a data set. Use LARGE to return a value based on its relative standing, such as first, second, or third.


=LARGE (array, k)

Syntax Breakdown

Required. An array or range of data for which you want to return the k-th largest value.

Required. The position, from the largest, in the array or range of data that should be returned.

Usage Notes

LARGE will return a value based on its position in a list when sorted by value. It returns the k-th largest value. For example, the 3rd largest, 5th largest, etc.

LARGE is similar to SMALL, in that both function return a value based on their position in a list that has been sorted by value.

#NUM! Error
An empty array will cause the function to return the #NUM! error value.

The #NUM! error is also returned if k <= 0 or if k is greater than the number of data points.

Excel LARGE K NUM Error