Excel LN Function

Using the Excel LN Function


Excel's LN function returns the natural logarithm of a given number. Natural logs are based on the mathematical constant e (2.71828) and represents the limit of n as n approaches infinity. The constant e is also known as Euler's number. LN is the inverse of the EXP function.


=LN (number)

Syntax Breakdown

The number argument is required in the LN function. This is the positive real number of which you want to find the natural logarithm.

Usage Notes

The LN function is equal to log base e of a number. It is also the inverse of the EXP (exponential) function.

Excel LN Example

LN Errors
If the number argument is either zero (0) or negative, the function will return the #NUM! error. If number is non-numeric, then the #VALUE! error is returned.

Excel LN Error Example