Excel NETWORKDAYS Function

Using the Excel NETWORKDAYS Function


The NETWORKDAYS function in Excel is used to return the number of working days between the provided start and end dates. Working days do not include weekends and days declared as holidays. If you need a function with more flexibility as to which days are considered weekend days, you can use the NETWORKDAYS.INTL function.


=NETWORKDAYS (start_date, end_date, [holidays])

Syntax Breakdown

Start_date is a required field that represents the starting date. When entering dates be sure to use a function, such as DATE, to enter values as errors may occur if dates are entered as text.

End_date is a required field that represents the ending date.

The holiday field is optional and allows the user to specify days that should not be counted as working days since they are a holiday. Dates can be entered as values in individual cells or as an array constant. It is not necessary to specify weekends as non-working days since Excel already does this for you.

Excel NETWORKDAYS Holidays

Usage Notes

NETWORKDAYS will return the #VALUE! error if any arguments in the function are not valid dates.