Excel NOT Function

Using the Excel NOT Function


The NOT function is another one of Excel's logical functions and can be used to ensure that one value is not equal to another. NOT can be used in conjunction with other logical functions to provide enhanced capabilities. For example, NOT can be used with AND and IF to test more than one condition. NOT can also be used to create functions that are not provided by Excel. For example, the ISBLANK function is used to test if a cell is blank. Excel doesn't provide a "ISNOTBLANK" function. However, using NOT with ISBLANK can provide the needed functionality.



Syntax Breakdown

Logical is a required argument of the function. It should be a value that can be evaluated to either TRUE or FALSE.

If the result of logical is TRUE the function will return FALSE. Alternatively, if the result of logical is FALSE, the function returns TRUE.

Usage Notes

NOT With Other Logical Functions
The following is an example of using NOT with other logical functions found in Excel.

NOT With Other Logical Operations