Excel ROMAN Function

Using the Excel ROMAN Function


The ROMAN function converts an Arabic number to a Roman numeral as text. If you need to convert Roman numerals to Arabic numbers this is done using the ARABIC function.


=ROMAN (number, [form])

Syntax Breakdown

The number argument is required and is the Arabic number that you would like to convert to a Roman numeral.

Form is an optional argument. This is a number used to specify what type of Roman numeral you want. The options for the form argument are as follows:

Excel ROMAN Form Options

Usage Notes

The ROMAN function is able to convert an Arabic number into a Roman numeral.

Roman Numeral Review
The following chart provides a brief overview of Roman numerals and their Arabic equivalent.

Excel ARABIC Example

ROMAN Errors
If the number is negative or greater than 3,999, the function returns the #VALUE! error.