Excel SEQUENCE Function

Using the Excel SEQUENCE Function


The Excel SEQUENCE function generates a list of sequential numbers (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4) in a one- or two-dimensional array.

The SEQUENCE function is a beta feature and is currently only available to Office Insiders as of this writing.


=SEQUENCE (rows, [columns], [start], [step])

Syntax Breakdown

Required. The number of rows to be returned.

Optional. The number of columns to be returned.

Optional. First number in the sequence.

Optional. Amount to increase each subsequent value in the sequence. Enter as a negative value to decrease each subsequent value.

Usage Notes

SEQUENCE generates a list of sequential numbers in an array. Row and column arguments control whether the array is one- or two-dimensional.

Omitting any of the optional arguments (columns, start, step) will result in that value defaulting to one.

If you are creating a dynamic array between workbooks the both workbooks must remain open. If the source workbook is closed then the linked dynamic array will return #REF! when refreshed.