Excel SHEET Function

Using the Excel SHEET Function


The Excel SHEET function will return the index number of a reference sheet. The index number begins with 1 on the left and ends with N on the right, where N represents the total number of sheets in the workbook.

If you need to find the number of sheets in a workbook, use the SHEETS function.


=SHEET (value)

Syntax Breakdown

Required. The name of the sheet for which you want the number. If the value argument is blank, the function returns the sheet number of the sheet that contains the function.

Usage Notes

SHEET will return the sheet number of the current or reference sheet. The function includes all worksheets, including those that are visible, hidden, or very hidden. The function also includes other sheet types such as macro, chart, or dialog sheets.

SHEET Errors
SHEET returns the #N/A error if the value argument is a sheet name that is not valid.

Excel SHEET NA Error

The function returns the #NAME? error if the name of a sheet is not enclosed in parentheses (" ").

Excel SHEET NAME Error