Excel TEXTJOIN Function

Using the Excel TEXTJOIN Function


The Excel TEXTJOIN function will combine text from multiple ranges or strings. The function allows you to specify a delimiter between each text value that will be combined. An empty text string as a delimiter will concatenate the ranges.


=TEXTJOIN (delimiter, ignore_empty, text1, [text2], ...)

Syntax Breakdown

Required. A text string or reference to a valid text string. The string can be empty or contain one or more character enclosed in double quotes (""). Numbers are treated as text.

Ignore Empty
Required. If set to TRUE, the function ignores empty cells.

Required. A text item to be joined. This argument can be a text string or an array of strings.

Optional. Additional text items to be joined. TEXTJOIN can accept up to 252 text arguments, including the text1 argument.

Usage Notes

TEXTJOIN is used to join, or concatenate, values with a specified delimiter. The function is similar to CONCAT, with the following exceptions:

  1. TEXTJOIN allows you to select a range of cells; and
  2. You can ignore empty cells
#VALUE! Error
The TEXTJOIN function will return the #VALUE! error if the output exceeds 32,767 characters. This is the maximum cell limit.