Excel TIMEVALUE Function

Using Excel's TIMEVALUE Function


The TIMEVALUE function in Excel will return the decimal number of a time as a string of text. The decimal value will range from 0 (zero) representing 12:00:00 AM to 0.99988426 representing 11:59:59 PM. The decimal representation of a time value is useful when working with other functions, formulas, or pivot tables since they can be directly manipulated.


=TIMEVALUE (time_text)

Syntax Breakdown


Time_text is a required field that is a text string representing a time. The value can be entered in any Excel time format. For example, “5:00 PM” and “17:00” are the same time.

Excel TIMEVALUE Example

Usage Notes

Date Elements

You can enter date arguments in the TIMEVALUE function and the function will still execute. However, the date elements will be ignored. If you require a function that converts a text date to an Excel serial number, the DATEVALUE function can be used.

Excel TIMEVALUE With Date