Excel WEEKDAY Function

Using the Excel WEEKDAY Function


WEEKDAY is a function in Excel that returns the specific day of a week for a given date. The day is returned as an integer with 1 representing Sunday and 7 representing Saturday. The WEEKDAY function can be used in conjunction with other formulas or functions.


=WEEKDAY (serial_number, [return_type])

Syntax Breakdown

The serial_number is a required field that contains a number representing the date of the day you would like to find. To avoid errors that may arise from entering dates as text, it is advised to enter dates using the DATE function or as the output of other functions or formulas.

The return_type field is optional and is used to specify the type of return value. The options for return_type are:

Excel WEEKDAY return_type

Usage Notes

#NUM! Error
Excel stores dates as sequential serial numbers starting with January 1, 1900 (1) and ending December 31, 9999 (2958465). If a value is entered for serial_number that is not within this range the #NUM! error will be returned.

Excel WEEKDAY Error

The #NUM! error will also be returned if a return_type is specified, but is not a value included in the options provided by Excel.

Excel WEEKDAY return_type Error