Excel WORKDAY.INTL Function

Using the Excel WORKDAY.INTL Function


Excel's WORKDAY.INTL function will return the serial number of a date before or after a user specified number of working days. WORKDAY.INTL provides you with the flexibility to declare which days should be considered weekend days. Any days that are declared weekend days or holidays are not counted. If you do not need to specify weekend days and are comfortable with Saturday and Sunday as the default, the WORKDAY function can be used.


=WORKDAY.INTL (start_date, days, [weekend], [holidays])

Syntax Breakdown

Start_date is a required entry. It is recommended to enter dates using the DATE function to avoid any errors that may arise from entering dates as text. Dates can also be entered as the output of other functions or formulas.

A required field that indicates the number of working days before or after start_date. Inputs can be either negative (for a past date) or positive (for a future date). The value will be truncated to an integer if a non-integer is entered.

WORKDAY.INTL Past and Future Days

Weekend is an optional value and allows you to specific which days should be considered non-working days. This is useful is you have a non-traditional work week and Saturday and Sunday are work days. The following codes can be used to specify weekend days:

WORKDAY.INTL Weekend Codes

For more flexibility, working and non-working days can also be entered using a string of 7 ones (1) and zeros (0). One (1) represents a non-working day and zero (0) represents a working day. The string begins with Monday as the first character and ends with Sunday.

Excel WORKDAY.INTL Custom Weekends

Holidays is an optional field that can contain one or more dates that will be considered holidays (non-working days). Holidays can be a range of cells that contains the dates or an array constant. When listing holiday dates, they do not need to be in order.

Excel WORKDAY.INTL With Holidays

Usage Notes

The WORKDAY.INTL function will return the #NUM! error if start_date or holiday dates are not in the range of valid dates. The error will also be returned if start_date +/- days returns an invalid date.

The function will return the #VALUE! error if the weekend is not valid.