Excel YEAR Function

Using the Excel YEAR Function


The YEAR function in Excel is used to provide the year of a date that is provided by the user. The year is returned as an integer that ranges from 1900-9999. YEAR can be used to extract the year from a date into a cell of its own or used as input to another formula or function.


=YEAR (serial_number)

Syntax Breakdown

Serial_number is a required field that contains the date that includes the year you would like to find. Dates entered as text can cause problems. It is therefore advisable to enter the date using the DATE function or use the output from another formula or function.

Usage Notes

Excel Gregorian Values
Values returned by the YEAR and other date functions in Excel default to using Gregorian values. If the display format for the date is set to another setting the function will return the value associated with the equivalent Gregorian date.

Excel Date Ranges
Excel will only recognize dates that are between January 1, 1900 and December 31, 9999. In serial format these date ranges are 1 and 2958465. Going outside of these date ranges will cause the YEAR function to throw a #VALUE! error.

Excel YEAR #VALUE! Error