World Indices CFDs / Stock Market CFDs

The stock markets are the most exciting place to make money and if you have a long time horizon it's hard to find a better option. However with all of the noise, the media ads, greed and fear peddling there is definitely an easier way to maximise your chances for success.

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What is indices CFDs?
What is indices CFDs?
Why is CFD banned in the US?
Are CFDs better than stocks?
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What is indices CFDs?

World Indices CFDs are contracts based on the value of a index of shares. It is one of the most liquid financial instruments available, with a high degree of leverage, making it possible to profit from share price movements in an underlying market index. Trading indices CFDs is a simple way for investors to speculate on the value of an entire stock market or single country's worth of shares in one transaction.


Is CFD the same as indexes?

CFDs are not the same as indices. A CFD is an agreement to pay the difference between the opening and closing price of a particular stock or index. You profit when prices rise, and you can lose money when prices fall. An index is a financial comparison that tracks an entire market based on company share value, or points. If you buy a CFD at one price, you can sell it later at another price.


Other information about CFDs on World Indices or Stock Market CFDs

World Indices CFDs / Stock Market CFDs have some unique features: Commodity Contracts World indices are calculated as commodity contracts that are traded on exchanges throughout the world. This means you can trade on the value of a stock market in the US, Asia or Europe, depending on which index is most relevant to your strategy. Instruments & Markets A world index gives you access to the value of stock markets around the globe.
  • Why is CFD banned in the US?

    CFDs (Contract for Difference) are financial products that are traded in the form of CFDs between two parties. CFD ban in the US is primarily because of the high risk associated. CFD ban in US and UK has made financial markets more accessible in other parts of the globe. For example, exchanges such as CME Group offers futures trading on commodity indices and Forex and Stock Market CFD trading is available on several regulated and authorized European / US brokers.
  • Are CFDs better than stocks?

    In a nutshell, CFDs are cash-settled derivative contracts which allow you to trade on the price movement of an underlying asset rather than buying and selling the asset directly. CFDs can either be traded on your own behalf by a CFD provider (again, eToro is a regulated broker) or you can trade CFDs via a stockbroker, of which there are many. With eToro you don't just buy or sell one stock but several thousand companies across all global markets. So, if you're looking to take advantage of rallies and dips in the world's leading indices such as the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq then you'll find it easier at eToro to do so.