Commodities Indices

Commodities Indices are all about trends, cycles, and patterns in the commodity markets that establish industry pricing levels. These characteristics have a great influence on stock market investment.

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Commodities are raw materials that are extracted from the earth and used as food, fuel, fibers and medicines. For example, corn is a commodity people consume as food, while crude oil is used as fuel. Commodities exchanges have been established in order to trade commodities of different types and grades. Commodity exchanges allow producers to place orders to sell their produce and then allow buyers to place bids on the nature and quantity of their purchases. Commodities exchanges are institutions where anyone looking for a commodity can find it at a cost and efficiency that benefits both sellers and buyers.


The commodity price index

Commodities indices are created to make it easier for traders to determine the price of various commodities based on the list price. Commodities are a type of investment that include investments in raw materials, agricultural goods, precious metals and more. Commodities indices can be used to help investors more easily determine fluctuations in a particular commodity as well as gain a sense of general change.


Indices of commodities

•Commodities Indices is a leading provider of commodity information and commodity price data to major corporations, investment firms, consulting groups and government agencies.
•Instead of tracking a handful of companies, indices commodities aim to measure the prices of a basket of commodities. Although indices commodities are different from individual commodities, they are traded in much the same way. They can be bought and sold like stocks and bonds on futures exchanges and other markets.
  • How do commodity indices work?

    Commodity indices are like any other index in that they're a statistical measure of an investment or commodity's value. However, unlike other indices which typically rise and fall with the overall market, commodity indices track commodities individually. In other words, when gold falls, silver used in jewelry may be rising. Commodity indices track these individual prices to determine the cost of commodities.
  • Other information about commodities indicates

    Commodities are the raw materials that underpin economies and modern life. They’re vital to the functioning of all societies and have an indispensible role in everyday life. And their price movements can be explosive - or even nonexistence, in some periods of time. Commodities Indices is a list of raw materials, energy sources and food products based on their current market price. These tools, when coupled with other investment instruments, provide great opportunities for investors to diversify and benefit from fluctuations in commodity prices.