Real Estate IRA

real estate IRA allows you make purchases of real estate without incurring distribution penalties, transaction fees or custodial delays. Furthermore, real estate IRAs give you complete control over your investments, including when, where and how you invest your self-directed IRAs.

A real estate IRA from will enable you to make real estate purchases within your retirement plan while not having to take taxable distributions or incur any penalties. Moreover, with a will have access to a check book real estate IRA plan that will allow you to make investments simply by writing a check. With real estate IRAs, you will be free from transaction and assets-based fees that are generally incurred by a custodian, and can save thousands. Most of the money in your retirement account from IRAs, 401ks and others can potentially be expanded into more secure and profitable areas, while the tax-deferred profits allow you to increase the funds in your retirement account.

With real estate IRAs, your investment options will include the purchase of real estate, as well as investments in assets such as tax liens, raw lands, personal loans, foreclosures and much more. Each investment can be made conveniently by simply writing out a check, and without incurring and having to pay any fees, including transaction, holding or assets-based fees.

Real estate IRAs enable you to:

  • Purchase both non-traditional investments, such as real estate, mortgage notes and foreign properties, as well as traditional investments, such as stocks and bonds
  • Make investments in property foreclosures and tax liens right away, or make personals loans, just by writing a check
  • Purchase and sell domestic, international, residential, rental and commercial properties as investments under your real estate IRA
  • Obtain rental properties as IRA investments, and take on the role as a property manager of your property, saving money for upkeep costs
  • Purchase your retirement property now at today’s market prices, and occupy it at the time you claim your IRA distribution