May 18, 2022

Invoice Factoring: How Factor Finance Works, Including Pros & Cons

One of the great ironies of running a business is that you can have great revenue figures, but still feel pinched on the cash flow side […]
May 5, 2022

Should You Sell to “We Buy Houses for Cash” Companies? 

It’s a good time to be a homeowner. It’s an even better time to be a homeowner looking to sell. Whether you’ve owned the property for […]
April 25, 2022

Recapitalizations – Guide to Corporate Financial Recapitalizations

Hundred of billions of dollars worth of recapitalizations (recaps) and restructurings are completed each and every single year around the globe – why? The two primary […]
April 9, 2022

How to Invest in Private Equity: Ultimate Guide

Most investments fall into one of the traditional buckets: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance products, real estate, or crypto. And while you can certainly build wealth […]
March 31, 2022

Startup Consulting: Pros and Cons of Consulting for Startups

The entrepreneurial spirit is stronger than it’s ever been. Globally, there are 472 million entrepreneurs launching some 305 million total startups per year. But according to […]
March 28, 2022

Acquisition Financing: What Are the Best Ways to Finance an Acquisition?

We see our fill of requests and opportunities for needs in acquisition financing. The capital needs range across the spectrum (i.e. debt, equity, mezzanine and everything conceivably […]
March 20, 2022

Private Equity Due Diligence: Process & Timing of M&A Due Diligence

Due diligence is sometimes referred to as a full proctological exam and rightfully so. It is more than a buyer’s attempt to confirm the stated valuation […]
February 25, 2022

Stock Sale: Pros & Cons of a Corporate Stock Sale

A 100% stock sale of a C-corporation is one of the most popular options for divesting a business and also one of the easiest to perform. […]
February 25, 2022

Spin-off vs. Split-off vs. Split-up: Avoiding Tax & Risk in Acquisitions

There are numerous strategies for creating entity structures to protect from tax and risk when selling C-corp businesses and their assets. Here we discuss three: spin-offs, […]
February 21, 2022

Deal Origination: Difficulties in Private Equity Deal Sourcing & How to Improve

Those in the financial sector who work at buying, selling and investing in private equity at various stages of companies will all tell you the same […]