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InvestNet is a real estate asset management firm with a focus on acquiring distressed, single family investment properties for cash flow and appreciation.

The InvestNet team is vertically integrated and has been managing hundreds of single-family homes for nearly a decade. We have a proven reputation of excellence with our clients and an expert team to provide superior service.

Why Single Family Housing?

Fund Location Focus

Single Family Residential Real Estate Investing for Accredited Investors

  • Due to rising home prices and sluggish wage growth, the demand for affordable housing is increasing for medium and lower income workers.
  • Millions of Millennials entering the workforce have high levels of student/consumer debt and are unable to afford a down payment on a house or the cost to maintain a home.
  • Since the Great Recession (2008-2009), mortgage lending standards have tightened making it more difficult for Americans to buy their first home.
  • Scarcity of land close to major workplaces for affordable housing developments and rising home prices have led to a supply shortage in single family housing.

*Recent data suggests single family rentals typically perform very well in a low interest rate environment and even better in a high interest rate environment. The two biggest demographics (Boomers and Millennials) are expected to drive demand for single family rentals. The Boomer generation will likely continue to look for low maintenance, smaller rentals after liquidating the equity on their current home. Higher interest rates will force the Millennials-who would be first time home buyers-to become tenants.

Real Estate Investing: Deal Sourcing Advantage

  • Off-market real estate investment deals preferred. Sourced directly through in-house marketing and hyper local real estate agents who provide a constant flow of distressed and discounted opportunities.
  • Vertically Integrated. Trusted, local contractors, and real estate developers are an integral part of our value, providing high quality work and expertise at a fraction of retail cost for most rental properties. Because we are vertically integrated, we also act as our own property manager and general contractor. 
  • Value add in design by sourcing new appliances, fixtures and durable finishes which minimize future maintenance with each investment property.

We are actively seeking to grow our targeted investor database of qualified, active real estate buyers looking for immediate positive equity and cash flow in the properties we source and rent. We have developed a time-tested system for sourcing off-market properties curated just for our proprietary list of qualified buyers. Private real estate investors who join our database will not be subject to regular email blast and/or spam email outreach. Instead, they will only be contacted when we are actively marketing properties we own at prices that are below relevant market comparable prices. Please, join our investor database by completing the form at right.

Individual Investors

Experienced, individual real estate investors looking to acquire quality real estate at reasonable, off-market prices.

Institutional Investors

Institutional investors with committed capital for cash-flow, rehab and development projects in commercial and residential real estate and land.

Contractors & Builders

Builders, including residential and commercial contractors, seeking immediate value in real estate investments for development deals.

Recreational Buyers

Real estate buyers seeking properties for recreational use, including vacation rentals and recreational land.

Single Family Focused Investment Strategies

Sourcing off-market real estate offerings in residential, commercial office buildings and land is our core competency. While there are a wide range of property types in which are fund can invest, we work to source competitively-priced single family real estate properties that are both unique and desirable. If, after searching through our current inventory, you are unable to find a property that matches your investment or buyer preferences, please add yourself to our deal notifications database with details on the type of property that best suits your personal investment parameters. mandate.

Our investment strategy is simple .We source quality off-market real estate opportunities so you don’t have to. We work with a wide array of experienced real estate investors, including both individual and institutional buyers, looking to acquire single-family, multi-family and raw land across the continental United States. 

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Both first time buyers and seasoned investors alike will feel comfort in working with us. As experienced real estate professionals, we ensure a streamlined process from initial interest through eventual property closing. Unlisted parcels and off-market deals means we provide access to exclusive properties, available to our exclusive investors at more-than-reasonable prices.


Complete the accredited investor form below, providing as much detail as possible regarding your desired deal type and structure.


Browse our deal listings directly on our website, reach out for those opportunities that may be of interest.


Be prepared for email and phone updates for deals that match your investment parameters.

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Real Estate Financing

Lease Option Agreements

Lease option agreements provide buyers with a means of making monthly payments on the property over a period of time. The property is used as if it has a loan or land contract connected. The option agreement provides a payment schedule to be used by the buyer, allowing the buyer to complete the acquisition at any time through paying the remaining amount. By allowing for faster amortization (if you do decide to pay off the property more quickly), the lease option agreement can actually save money over time as opposed to paying a traditional mortgage, loan or property contract. Excess payments on a lease option agreement also can help provide a buffer in the event that you fail to make payments in the future.

Real Estate Contracts

A contract to purchase the property by making consistent payments on a promissory note provides buyers the ability to purchase the property over a period of time. On certain real estate contracts, we provide seller financing, outlined by specific terms provided in the note. Seller financing on certain property acquisitions allows us to be flexible on financing and close more deals.

Multiple options exist for acquiring the ideal property for your investment portfolio or next real estate development project. The best acquisition price typically comes from an upfront cash purchase from the advertised cash price. Some buyers use more traditional banks, credit unions or friends/family money to purchase their property. In other cases, buyers may not qualify or desire to work with traditional financing solutions from banks or credit unions.

Some of our most interesting deals include creative financing options between us and the sellers. While our financing options are often a bit more expensive that traditional lenders, our seller financing can be much more flexible in other soft terms. In addition, you will not be required to tap additional capital from traditional lenders or friends & family. For seller financing on real estate deals, we typically require 50% of the cash purchase price as a down payment. Depending on the specific property, this down payment will differ. Depending on the specific property, we offer both land contracts promissory notes and lease option agreements.

We make real estate more accessible

With a rising affordability index, many individuals and families are squeezed out of home ownership. Our real estate investment fund provides a solution by offering affordable housing to middle class families. 

Private Equity Investing

We implement a unique, strategic approach above and beyond most real estate investment funds in how we target, source & operate our real estate investments.

Our unique access to private, off-market deals in stable markets gives our limited partners greater exposure to untapped real estate investment opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Each fund has investment minimums that are specific to that fund. However, most investment minimums are reasonable. Contact us for more detail. 

Because our fund is flexible in how funds can be invested, we are able to offer investment exposure to both real estate equity and first position real estate debt. This is particularly interesting in a rising interest rate environment. We will analyze both the individual rental property and the overall market to determine whether we invest equity, debt (internal vs. external) or some mix of the two. Because the real estate market is fluid, we have structured our fund to be flexible and nimble, allowing us to be opportunistic in how we invest. 

Real estate investors have the option to liquidate their investment in 5 to 8 years, but our fund is primarily focused on buying and holding stabilized, cash-flowing, single family homes for the long haul, giving our investors regular income as tenants pay month-over-month. 

A combination of experience and deep understanding of our markets that helps us to accurately price and minimize days on market. It also allows us to take advantage of inefficiencies, find hidden value and maximize return.

Our single family real estate investment fund is evergreen. This means real estate investors are able to invest now and well into the future, perpetually. In fact, some of our investors have interest in setting up regular ACH investments into the vehicle. 

The InvestNet single family real estate investment fund is a Regulation D 506(c) offering as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This means we are able to generally solicit the fund, but only accredited investors and institutional investors are allowed to invest in the real estate fund. In addition, the fund is structured as a traditional General Partner / Limited Partner relationship. We are not structured as typical real estate investment trusts (REITs). 

While our fund is available for investment at various online real estate platforms, we do not offer investment property access directly from our website yet. 

The cash return of the fund has expected, projected returns including compelling cash-on-cash returns and a great shield for tax purposes. Please contact us for more information. 

DISCLAIMER: Remember, securities involve risk. The details here are for informational purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice or as advice to invest in a particular fund or security. Whether you invest in the stock market via mutual funds or real estate, past performance is no guarantee of future results or actual future performance. Individual investors should consider diversified exposure that is unique to their personal situation and risk tolerance. Please contact an investment advisor or knowledgeable professional before making investment decisions.