Family Office Investing

At we offer family office investing services for wealthy families who have accumulated a substantial amount of wealth and are interested in using it to invest. We offer many services, including portfolio management, business valuations, and financial consulting.

Wealthy families and individuals have unique financial needs. That’s why we advise clients on family office investing services that help them identify, manage, and protect their wealth. Our team of registered investment advisors and certified financial planners is committed to providing you with holistic financial planning advice. We’ll customize a strategy to address your goals and objectives, helping you find peace of mind and build wealth for generations to come.

Our staff leverages its experience and the resources of the firm to support individual family office investors in their efforts to meet their financial goals. Our family office investors are our clients, and are supported by skilled professionals who work on a fee basis, not commission, helping you make the most of your family’s financial resources.

After years of advising wealthy families on how to invest their wealth, we’ve honed in on the best methods and want to share them with you through our proven strategies. Our services are designed to help you create wealth and preserve it for generations. Let us help you grow your portfolio through family office investing.

What is Family Office Investing?

Family office investing is an emerging market that caters to ultra-high-net-worth families with complex financial and closely held business needs. Family offices are usually formed by business owners to give their family a concentration of risk management and private wealth management resources.

Family office investing is a very specialized form of investment that involves taking care of the finances in a single family. Often times, the members of families that are included in a family office are made up of multiple different generations. These families usually have complex financial needs that often require specialized planning and strategies to ensure that everything is being done according to the specific goals of each member and the family as a whole.

Family office investing is the management of a family’s assets by a professional institution, usually through a single financial institution. It may include banking, investment, accounting and legal services and is often referred to as private banking. A family’s reasons for choosing to use a family office will vary between cultures but are commonly associated with the desire for privacy, the wish to avoid conflict within the wider family, or protection from pressure from external forces such as tax authorities.

Family offices have become an increasingly popular means for managing personal wealth worldwide. For many individuals, a family office may provide the assistance and service necessary to make optimal use of personal assets and financial resources. In addition to traditional investment management services, a family office can also provide a range of other services that include tax, legal and accounting assistance, estate planning, asset protection and business succession planning.

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We deliver a unique approach to family office investing. Its team provides individuals and families sophisticated strategy development, implementation, and oversight to support successful liquidity events and investment portfolio management.