Reasons to Invest in Wholesale Real Estate

There are multiple ways to make money through real estate investing. You can buy a vacant lot and construct a new building on it. You can buy a home in questionable condition and fix it up to flip it. You can generate an ongoing stream of revenue by collecting rent from tenants, or you can ride the tide of an ever-growing market, and eventually sell a property for a massive return.

There’s a guiding principle in common with all these approaches; the better deal you get on the initial investment, whether it’s a piece of land, a single-family home, or a multi-family home, the better return you’ll see on your investment. And considering the majority of self-made millionaires earned their wealth by investing in real estate, getting your hands on cheap, wholesale property is one of the most reliable ways to establish financial dominance.

We started to help real estate investors get access to more wholesale deals. Here’s how it works; we buy properties below true market value, then make those properties available to our growing list of prospective buyers. You review the condition and potential of each property, and add the best ones to your growing portfolio.

Thanks to the low cost of entry and diverse array of properties available, wholesale investors drool over what we have to offer. It’s convenient, it’s free, and it could be your path to building wealth.

Raw and Vacant Land

Buy wholesale land. Develop. Sell for a profit.

Raw and vacant land are often overlooked real estate investment opportunities that have the potential to net you a quality return—especially if you can find a strong wholesale deal. Our service introduce you to the best wholesale land deals we can find, bringing you these major advantages:

·         The flexibility of land ownership. Vacant land presents practically unlimited options for real estate investors. You can build a home on the property, develop the land to be suitable for a specific application like farming, or keep the land empty and try to sell it for a profit at a later date.

·         No property upkeep costs. Compared to a single-family home or multi-family rental property, raw and vacant land have virtually no upkeep costs. Fewer monthly and annual expenses means you’ll see a higher return on your investment over time.

·         Inexpensive land opportunities. Many people who own vacant land own it because they inherited it, or otherwise don’t know what to do with it. Accordingly, existing land owners are highly motivated to sell, which means you can find some incredible, low-cost deals.

·         Finite supply and value over time. There’s a finite supply of land, but demand for land will always exist. That means land is always going to be a valuable long-term investment, and likely one with a significant annual return.

How it works

Sign up for our email list using the form below, and tell us about the properties you’re looking for. You’ll be added to our list, and will get notified whenever new properties are added to our list of available land. You choose which properties you want to explore further, and make an offer on your most promising investment opportunities.

Single Family Real Estate

Get incredible deals on single-family homes. Rent, flip, or sell for a profit.

Single-family homes can be bought to live in, rent to an individual or a family, or to improve and flip for a profit. In any case, single-family home investors can benefit from the following:

·         Affordable costs for new rental investors. Single-family homes are more affordable than multi-family homes. Assuming you find a wholesale deal in a low-cost area, even amateur real estate investors should be able to afford a significant down payment—or even buy the property outright. From there, it shouldn’t be hard to find a tenant to pay monthly rent in excess of your monthly costs.

·         Low maintenance requirements. Compared to multi-family homes, single-family rental properties require very little ongoing maintenance or upkeep. You’ll only have to worry about one tenant (or group of tenants), and issues relegated to one building. This makes single-family real estate investing much more approachable for newcomers.

·         Improvement and development opportunities. Because the home is small, and will be empty whenever you experience tenant turnover, single-family homes tend to be valuable opportunities for property upgrades and improvement. You may even be able to flip the home for a profit.

These advantages are even stronger if you can find a wholesale deal on a single-family home.

How it works

Sign up for our email list using the form below, and tell us that you’re interested in single-family properties. You’ll be added to our single-family property investor list, and will get notified whenever new single-family homes are added to our running list of available properties. You choose which single-family homes you’re interested in, and will get first dibs on purchasing them—before they hit the rest of the market.  

Multi-Family Real Estate

Buy wholesale multi-family properties. Multiply your rental income.

Add yourself to our list of interested investors, and you’ll find countless opportunities for multi-family real estate investing. Multi-family properties have tons of advantages for investors, including:

·         Multiplied rental income from multi-family homes. If a single-family property can land you a profit of $300 a month, a similar multi-family property with 3 units could hypothetically earn you a profit of $900 a month. Your costs are multiplied, but so is your revenue, ultimately leading to more monthly profits—and a much greater ROI over time.

·         Protection from vacancies. Having a vacant single-family rental property can hurt you, but a single vacancy in a multi-family unit is much less impactful. Multi-family property investments are good for investors who want to hedge their bets.

·         Greater financial leverage. Multi-family properties tend to be more expensive, which means you’ll need to borrow more money. While this can be a greater risk, it also allows you to take advantage of greater financial leverage; in other words, you’ll stand to profit more from the funds you borrowed to pay for the property upfront.

·         Long-term value. Multi-family properties tend to grow in value over time. In addition to the rental income you receive on a monthly basis, you’ll be able to sell the property for a significant profit—which will come in handy for retirement or future investment opportunities.

How it works

Sign up for our email list using the form below, and tell us that you’re looking for multi-family properties. You’ll then start receiving email notifications whenever new multi-family homes are added to our list of available properties. You choose the most valuable multi-family homes to explore, and can purchase the most promising investment opportunities for well below market price.

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Nate Nead
Nate Nead
Nate Nead is a private equity investor and the Managing Principal at Investnet, LLC. Nate works with middle-market companies looking to acquire, sell or divest business assets.