Frequently Asked Questions

1What is

EstateInvesting is an active real estate investment and management company that specializes in the acquisition and divestment of quality properties all over the United States. We offer real estate owners the type of liquidity that rarely exists in the standard marketplace, while giving investors access to a robust inventory of properties that are free of legal issues and have no strings attached.

2Who is behind

The EstateInvesting team consists of Nathaniel Nead (real estate investor and entrepreneur), Jason Powell (real estate and securities attorney), and Tushar Patel (experienced operations and technology manager). Each team member brings decades of specialized experience to the table, which results in a smooth and professional client experience every step of the way.

3What sets Apart?

Let’s be real – there are lots of companies that will promise to help you sell or invest in real estate. However, not every company lives up to their promises. At EstateInvesting, we’re different. We prioritize honesty and integrity. We’ll always take a lower ROI on a deal if it means creating a healthy, long-term relationship with a client who will do business with us again in the future. Whether it’s the buy or sell side of a real estate deal, we’re looking for mutually beneficial transactions.

4Who sells us real estate?

We purchase real estate from a variety of people in different situations and locations all over the United States. This includes people who: inherited real estate; want to quickly liquidate real estate holdings; don’t want the hassle of a traditional real estate sales process; need move quickly; or simply want to untether equity that can be used for other investments.

5How do I get an offer for my real estate?

If you’re interested in potentially selling real estate that you currently own, just fill out this form. We’ll do some research and due diligence on our end and get back to you with a cash offer within 24 hours. .

6Do I have an obligation to sell?

Just because you fill out this form, doesn’t mean you’re obligated to work with us. Whether you don’t like the offer or decide that you’d prefer to go another route, the decision is all yours.

7Do we pay cash?

Yes! We pay cash for real estate. We also don’t require any transactional costs, hidden fees, or commissions. This allows for a quick and hasty sale. In some cases, when we don't pay cash, however, we will use other forms of financing, including sale-leasebacks and seller financing.

8How long does it take to get cash in hand?

From the time you submit your information and we present a cash offer, the entire process can take as little as 7 days. If you’d prefer a longer timeframe, we’re happy to structure the closing around your needs and preferences.

9How does closing work?

Thanks to advances in technology, many real estate closings can now happen remotely. Depending on situational factors, your closing will be schedule at a time and place that’s convenient to you. This may involve sending a mobile notary to your home or place of business.

10What makes your inventory so low risk?

As any experienced real estate investor knows, you can’t judge a property by its curb appeal. It’s the paper trail that matters most. At EstateInvesting, we don’t blindly purchase properties. We do extensive due diligence, run professional title searches across multiple jurisdictions, use proper legal documentation and deal structuring, and meticulously execute each phase of the property procurement process. This results in sparkling clean real estate investments that are ready for investing.

11Why are your properties so inexpensive?

When we purchase real estate, we do so in a way that allows us to save a considerable amount of money. We purchase in large volumes, from distressed sellers, and in cash. We also aren’t interested in holding onto individual pieces of real estate for long periods of time. This both enables and motivates us to sell real estate at investor-friendly prices.

12Are there any back taxes or liens on your properties?

When you purchase real estate from EstateInvesting, you never have to worry about property taxes, back taxes, or liens associated with the properties. We guarantee our listings to be free and clear of any and all encumbrances.

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