Mobile, Alabama

Discover Mobile, Alabama: A Hidden Gem for Investors

Welcome to Mobile, Alabama, a dynamic city with a rich history and a promising future, making it an ideal destination for savvy investors. Sitting on the Gulf Coast, Mobile boasts a vibrant culture and a diverse economy. It plays a key role in many industries, too. As Alabama’s third-largest city, it’s become an innovation hub full of economic growth. For real estate or business investments, look no further than Mobile—it offers unique opportunities you won’t want to miss. 

Mobile, Alabama Real Estate Market 2024

Home Prices in Mobile

  • Current Home Price Statistics: By early 2024, the median home price in Mobile, Alabama, is around $188,000. That’s up by about 2.7% from last year. The market’s still pretty competitive, too! Most homes sell for roughly 4% less than their asking price. But if a property is really sought after, it can go for even more than listed. 
  • Historical Price Trends: Over the past year, housing prices in Mobile have been on a steady climb. By December 2023, the median listing price hit $229,200. That’s up by 3.9% from last year! This shows that the market is healthy and appreciating well, even with some ups and downs in how fast homes sell or how many are sold. 

Mobile Rental Market

  • Rent Prices and Trends: In 2024, renting an apartment in Mobile, Alabama, costs between $895 and $1,317. Houses go for around $1,718 a month. The rental market is steady, with small yearly increases.
  • Price to Rent Ratio Compared to National Average: Living in Mobile is pretty budget-friendly. The cost of living here is around 15% less than the national average. Renting is a steal! Average rent prices are about 39% lower compared to other cities across the U.S., making it an attractive spot for renters.

Appreciation Rates

  • Historical Appreciation Rates in Mobile: Mobile, Alabama, has seen some impressive growth in real estate over the past ten years. On average, property values have gone up by 5.91% each year. In just the last twelve months alone, they jumped by 9.24%. This puts Mobile among the top markets for appreciation in the country!
  • Future Projections: Looking forward, Mobile’s housing market is set to keep climbing. A strong economy and low cost of living are big factors here. Plus, demand keeps going up. All signs point to good things for 2024 and beyond. This makes Mobile a great spot for real estate investments—whether thinking short-term or long-term. 

Demographic and Population Trends in Mobile

Mobile, Alabama’s metro area, is on the rise. By 2024, it’s expected to hit about 337,000 people. That’s a bump of 0.6% from last year. On the flip side, the city’s population itself isn’t doing as well. It’s now around 179,967 and shrinking by roughly 0.91% each year. 

Employment and Economic Trends in Mobile

Job Growth in Mobile

  • Comparison to National Job Growth Rates: In 2024, Mobile, Alabama, saw steady job growth. It’s a bit behind the national average, though. Over the past year, jobs in Mobile went up by 1.5%. Meanwhile, across the U.S., there was a bigger jump of 3.5%. Mobile’s unemployment rate is at 3.9%, just above the national average of 3.8%.
  • Future Job Growth Projections: Mobile’s job market is set to grow by 27.2% in the next ten years. This growth rate is a bit lower than the national average of 33.5%. The city’s unique economic conditions and industry mix play a role here. Key industries like manufacturing, aerospace, and healthcare will keep driving employment forward. 

Major Employers in Mobile

Mobile, Alabama, has a bunch of big employers in different fields. They play a huge role in boosting the local economy:

  • Airbus: Airbus runs its manufacturing plant in Mobile, cranking out planes like the A320 and A220. This place is a big deal for local aerospace. It offers lots of good jobs and gives a nice boost to the area’s economy. 
  • Austal USA: Austal USA focuses on shipbuilding. It’s a top employer in making advanced vessels for both military and commercial use. The company provides jobs to thousands locally, playing a big role in Mobile’s maritime scene.
  • Infirmary Health: Infirmary Health is the biggest private employer in Mobile. It runs several hospitals and medical centers, like Mobile Infirmary Medical Center. This organization is key to healthcare here, offering a wide range of services and lots of jobs for people in the area.
  • AM/NS Calvert: This steel plant is a joint venture between ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel. It’s one of the most modern facilities around. With a big workforce, it’s a key player in manufacturing. 
  • Alabama State Port Authority: Running the Port of Mobile, this authority manages one of America’s biggest and busiest ports. It’s crucial for logistics and transportation. The port helps create many jobs in shipping, logistics, and related fields. 

Their Impact on the Local Economy

These big employers really shape Mobile’s local economy.

  • Job Creation: These companies create tons of jobs. This helps cut down on unemployment and gives the local economy a nice boost. Take Airbus, for example. Their Mobile facility alone has over 1,000 employees!
  • Economic Diversification: Having a mix of industries like aerospace, maritime, healthcare, and manufacturing keeps the economy steady. It means there’s no heavy reliance on just one sector. This variety draws in more investments and boosts economic growth.
  • Community Development: These companies help the community in many ways. They work on improving infrastructure, run educational programs, and offer health services. Take Infirmary Health, for instance. Their network of hospitals delivers essential healthcare to everyone around them. 
  • Investment Attraction: The success and growth of these big employers bring in more investments to the area. This creates a great environment for business growth and new ideas. Companies like Airbus and Austal USA keep expanding, showing this trend clearly. 

Exciting Building and Development Projects in Mobile

Mobile, Alabama, is buzzing with change. Big development projects are in the works to boost its economy and infrastructure. Here’s a quick look at what’s shaping Mobile’s future. 

Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Project

The Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Project is a game-changer for traffic on Interstate 10. It’s all about building a new six-lane bridge over the Mobile River and widening the current Bayway. With an estimated cost of $2 billion, this project aims to make travel smoother, spark economic growth, and help expand the Port of Mobile’s role as a key logistics hub​.

Downtown Mobile Revitalization

Downtown Mobile is buzzing with new life. Several big projects are in the works:

  • Mobile Civic Center Redevelopment: Turning the old Civic Center into a space that has homes, shops, and fun spots.
  • St. Louis Street Rebuild: Improving sidewalks and streets to make it easier for people to walk around. Supporting local shops and boosting tourism in the process.
  • Hall of Fame Courtyard and Public Spaces: Making public spaces better to draw more visitors and boost residents’ quality of life.

These projects are all about breathing new life into downtown Mobile. The goal is to turn it into a lively spot that both locals and visitors will love.

South Alabama Logistics Park

The South Alabama Logistics Park (SALP) is a huge industrial park near the Theodore Dawes exit on I-10. Covering 1,300 acres, it’s set to become one of the biggest logistics hubs in the Southeast. Phase 1 alone plans for over 6 million square feet. 

This place aims to attract warehouses, distribution centers, and light manufacturing operations. It takes advantage of Mobile’s prime location and strong transportation network. It’s also a big investment opportunity with an expected value topping $350 million once finished​.

Innovation PortAL

  • Tech and Innovation Hub: Innovation PortAL is a tech-focused business incubator in Mobile’s up-and-coming St. Louis Street area. It serves as a launchpad for startups and entrepreneurs, offering office space, labs, conference rooms, and access to professional networks and university resources.
  • Impact on Local Business Landscape: Innovation PortAL boosts Mobile’s business scene by supporting startups, drawing in tech talent, and fostering a spirit of innovation. It helps diversify the local economy and puts Mobile on the map as a strong contender in the tech world.

Brookley Aeroplex Expansion

  • Aerospace Hub: Brookley Aeroplex is a top-notch aerospace and industrial hub. Big names like Airbus call it home. Right now, Brookley Aeroplex is growing with new buildings and better infrastructure to handle more production and operations. This growth boosts the aerospace industry in Mobile, which plays a big role in the local economy. 

Economic and Investment Opportunities: The growth of Brookley Aeroplex is opening up a lot of doors. More jobs, better aerospace manufacturing and maintenance—it’s all happening here. This move really puts Mobile on the map as an important player in the U.S. aerospace scene. It’s drawing more investments and boosting economic growth big time.