Frequently Asked Questions

Turnkey real estate investing involves purchasing a fully renovated and managed property that is ready for rental income immediately upon purchase. It’s an attractive option for investors seeking passive income without the hassle of property management. purchases distressed properties, renovates them to a high standard, and then offers them to investors as fully managed rental properties. Investors purchase the property, and takes care of everything from tenant placement to ongoing maintenance.

Turnkey investing offers several benefits, including passive income, reduced time commitment, professional property management, and the opportunity to invest in real estate without the need for expertise in property renovation or management.

We offer a variety of residential properties, including single-family homes, multi-family units, and condominiums, located in stable and growing rental markets across the country.

Our team of experts can help you assess your investment goals and preferences to find the right property for your portfolio. We consider factors such as location, rental demand, renovation quality, and potential return on investment.

We specialize in turnkey properties located in markets with strong rental demand and appreciation potential, including major metropolitan areas and emerging secondary markets across the United States.

Returns vary depending on factors such as location, property type, and market conditions. However, our turnkey properties typically offer competitive cash flow and appreciation potential, with average annual returns ranging from 7% to 10%.

While turnkey investing offers many advantages, it’s essential to be aware of potential risks, including vacancy rates, property depreciation, unexpected maintenance costs, and changes in market conditions.

The amount of capital required varies depending on the property’s purchase price and financing options. However, investors typically need a down payment of 20% to 30% of the property’s purchase price, plus reserves for closing costs and initial renovations.

Our purchasing process is straightforward and streamlined. Once you’ve selected a property, you’ll complete the necessary paperwork and provide the required funds for the purchase. We’ll then handle the closing process and transfer ownership to you.

No, you don’t need to live in the same area as your turnkey property. Our professional property management team handles all aspects of tenant placement, rent collection, and property maintenance on your behalf, regardless of your location.

Our turnkey real estate investment packages include property acquisition, renovation, tenant placement, ongoing property management, and investor support services. We provide a comprehensive solution to make investing in real estate hassle-free.

Returns typically start accruing immediately after purchase, as rental income begins flowing in. However, it may take some time to recoup initial investment costs and start generating positive cash flow, depending on factors such as rental market conditions and property expenses.

Yes, financing options are available for turnkey property purchases, including conventional mortgages, portfolio loans, and private financing. Our team can help you explore financing options and secure the best terms for your investment.

Yes, there are various tax implications associated with real estate investing, including rental income taxation, depreciation deductions, and capital gains taxes upon property sale. We recommend consulting with a tax advisor to understand your specific tax obligations and strategies for maximizing tax efficiency.

Our partner property management team(s) are responsible for addressing any issues that arise with the property, including maintenance issues, tenant concerns, and property damage. We strive to maintain the property’s condition and address any issues promptly to protect your investment.

Researching the company’s reputation, client testimonials, and track record is essential when evaluating a turnkey real estate company. has a proven track record of success, with satisfied investors and a commitment to transparency, integrity, and client satisfaction.

Yes, we welcome investors to visit our properties before making a purchase. We can schedule property tours or provide virtual walkthroughs to give you a firsthand look at the property’s condition and features.

Yes, there are typically ongoing management fees associated with turnkey properties, covering services such as property management, tenant placement, and maintenance. These fees are deducted from rental income and vary depending on the property and management services provided.

Yes, you can sell your turnkey property at any time if you decide to exit the investment. We can assist you in listing the property for sale and navigating the sales process to ensure a smooth transition.

While rental market fluctuations are a risk of real estate investing, we aim to mitigate this risk by selecting properties in markets with stable rental demand and long-term growth potential. Additionally, our proactive property management strategies help optimize rental income and minimize vacancy risks.

Yes, investing in turnkey properties through a self-directed IRA or 401(k) is possible. We can help you set up a self-directed retirement account and facilitate the purchase of turnkey properties within the account, providing tax-advantaged growth potential for your investments.

There are no specific qualifications or requirements to become a turnkey investor. However, we recommend conducting thorough due diligence, understanding your investment goals and risk tolerance, and consulting with financial and legal professionals before making investment decisions.

We provide regular updates and reporting on the performance of your turnkey investment, including rental income, expenses, property maintenance, and market trends. Additionally, our investor portal allows you to access real-time information and track your investment’s performance conveniently. stands out in the turnkey real estate market due to our commitment to excellence, transparency, and client satisfaction. We offer high-quality properties in desirable locations, comprehensive investment solutions, experienced property management services, and personalized support to help investors achieve their financial goals.