Exit Your Business

We are in search of private company investment opportunities across the middle-market.

Our ideal investments are profitable, defensible companies in growing markets.

We target companies and industries where add-on, bolt-on acquisitions are possible and tangible performance and optimization opportunities exist for improved scale and revenue growth.

Tell us about your company

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Investment Criteria

We are looking for investment target partners with the following criteria


Why Sell to Us?

We offer a unique exit opportunity for entrepreneurial business owners



We seek to be fair and aligned in how we value businesses for acquisition, taking into account the sweat equity as well the future opportunities for growth in the existing business.


We offer flexible deal terms and structures, giving us the ability to meet owners goals and expectations when it comes to selling their operating businesses while also sharing in the potential upside.


Both our General Partners and Sponsor Partners have deep experience in finance, marketing and business operations, ensuring your legacy not only survives, but thrives well into the future.


We remain committed to maintaining the business and its operations as a going concern well into the future. That means we aim to keep key managers, personnel and operational structure intact throughout the transition from seller to buyer.


What to Expect

We have systematized our acquisition process. Here's what to expect when you engage with us.

  • IntroductionsIntros & initial Contact

    Connect with a member of our private equity investing team to discuss your company's short and long term goals.
  • ConfidentialInitial Due Diligence

    We perform some confidential, preliminary due diligence on your business, after a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  • OfferLetter of Intent

    We provide a non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI), giving you the high-level structure of an intended transaction.
  • DeepDue Diligence

    We perform deeper financial, legal and operational due diligence on the business, ensuring it is a sound investment for our portfolio.
  • BindingDefinitive Agreement

    Attorneys and management will negotiate the structure of the complete, binding, definitive agreement between buyer and seller.
  • CloseTransaction Closing

    Transaction closing signing. Seller is funded and assets/stocks are transferred to buyer.