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Retirement Savings Calculator

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Never lose track of your retirement plan with this easy to use retirement calculator. Determine how much you have saved, or need to save, for a comfortable retirement by entering the amount you currently have saved, the amount you are planning to save each month, and the number of years until your retirement.

Calculate how much you need to save to be able to retire. Retirement calculators help you determine when you can start your retirement without having to worry about living on savings, social security, or other income sources. Use our calculator to see if you are even within the ballpark of where you should be.

A great retirement starts with planning. See how much savings and investment you'll need, and where you stand today. Then measure progress using an interactive chart that shows your annual savings, projected account balances, and monthly contributions.

This calculator provides you with rough estimations of how much money you may need in the future. It takes into account the amount you will have from Social Security and pensions, the size of your immediate and future retirement expenses, the rate at which these costs are likely to change over time, and the existing assets you will have when you retire. This information is used to generate a quick rundown of how much income and/or assets you should accumulate to maintain a comfortable standard of living in retirement.

Our calculator uses the same tools and techniques financial planners use to create a retirement income plan. It provides you with a personalized long-term projection that shows how much money you should have saved at age 65, given your estimated current savings. Moreover, it suggests concrete steps to take now to get on track.

Want to make sure you will be able to retire the way you want to? Just answer a few basic questions about how much money you are saving, your expected retirement age and how much income you want for retirement. Then, our calculator will tell you just how much you need to save each month now so that you can achieve your dream of retiring early.

To determine your estimated retirement income, enter the amount already saved, your annual salary and contribution, the percent you expect to earn on your investments annually, and how long you plan to work before retiring. For more detailed assumptions, which vary by plan type, refer to your employment benefits guide.