Independent Sponsors

We partner wth industry leading executives in the markets we invest, aligning investor and sponsor incentives for aligned growth.

Experienced Executives

Seasoned Operators

By partnering with experienced, patient and thoughtful executives we ensure portfolio companies continue to perform according to the fund investment thesis and goals.

Our ideal independent sponsors are seasoned operators with proven track records of executing and succeeding on market growth initiatives.

Investment Criteria

We are looking for investment target partners with the following criteria

$10 M+


$1 M+


$4 M+


Transaction Types

Management Buyouts
Corporate Recapitalizations
Acquisition Capital
Majority Equity Positions

Target Criteria

Clear Value Proposition
Historical Profitability
Stable Revenue
Seasoned Management
Defensible Market Position

Target Sectors

Digital Businesses
Software & SaaS
Consumer Services
Business Services

Are you an Independent Sponsor?


We seek to partner with the best independent sponsor operators on the market


Sourcing off-market private equity opportunities is part of our core competency and we seek to align with operating sponsors for our portfolio companies whose skills align with our strategic approach and vision. We work to source quality businesses that are both unique and desirable. We take the same approach with our sponsor executives, sourcing operators with the skills and vision to grow the value of our private equity portfolio.

Introduce Yourself

We are always interested in connecting with experienced operators with the prowess to actively manage our portfolio companies.

Why types of deals do you invest in?

Please take a look at our fund thesis here to learn more about the types of deals we are interested in reviewing. While we are industry-agnostic, we do have specific sectors that are of greater interest to us.

How much time does it take to close a deal?

The timing of closures on any deal is dependent on many factors, including market timing, due diligence, etc.

What type of experience do sponsors need in order to be considered?

The ideal independent sponsors will have multiple years of experience as operating executives at industry-similar firms, giving them the experience they need to operate and execute on organic and inorganic (M&A) growth initiatives.

Do sponsors need to commit their own equity?

We highly encourage our executives to commit equity into the deals the manage. This "skin in the game" not only aligns incentives, but allows the executive to have more upside upon exit.